“With great power comes great responsibility” — Spiderman

Artificial Intelligence is proving as one of the most significant technological advancement across all industries in recent decades. It ranges from simple predictive modeling to more complex tasks, such as chatbot or self-driving car. It has proven to be useful not only in the field of research, but it has been applied to help companies achieving their goals, with everything from improving customer retention rates to driving enhanced insights from big data and even serve automated customer care agents.

With the global machine learning market anticipated to grow from $1.4B in 2017…

Airflow still becomes one of the widely used job scheduler and monitoring. Its capability to scale well and also its flexibility to run many types of job is the main reasons why it becomes that popular among the others similar open-source product. In this article, we will discuss how to configure Airflow to be able to run well in production environment. After following the entire article, we will be able to:

  • Running Airflow using LocalExecutor
  • Apply authentication to access the Airflow Dashboard

In this article, we have discussed how to deploy Airflow on docker by using puckel/docker-airflow image. …

How can we train machine to describe an image?

Reverse image search (or simply called search by image) is a task where given an image as a query, then we need to give some other images that are similar and have correlation with the query image. This task is very useful when we have a very huge image database, and our users want to get some items that look similar with the one that they see. In the other side, this task is also challenging since our machine needs to be able to distinguish and find correlation between one image and the others.

In this article, we will try…

Airflow is a workflow management system that is widely used these days. It is originally developed by Airbnb to manage their data flow in their fast growing data set. It is now under incubation of Apache Software foundation as Airbnb decided to open source it.

Airflow make your work easier by being able to monitor and programmatically schedule and manage your workflow. It also comes with some additional features that is very useful in production, such as giving alert when your job is ended with an error. …

In this digital era, there are abundant amount of articles. It can appear anywhere, in the form of news, fiction story, and lots more. And the problems are starting to arise when this abundant articles are not handled smartly. People will start to be confused, not because of the lack of information, but rather because they don’t know where to start in this “flood” of articles.

So, there is where article recommendation comes into action. Many companies and organizations start to employ recommender system so that their customer can have better experience when using their service. …

Pratamamia Agung Prihatmaja

AI and Machine Learning Enthusiast. Interested in Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

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